Points Pooling

What's different about the First Bank One Rewards Program? Unlike most Card reward programs, First Bank allows you to pool your reward points!

Combine Your Points

Points Pooling allows you to combine points from all of your eligible cards to earn rewards faster and view point totals at a glance. The First Bank One Rewards Program lets you choose how you want to pool your points:

  • First Bank lets you combine your personal debit and credit cards rewards points.
  • Have a business? First Bank allows you to pool your business debit and credit card reward points as well.
  • Personal card holder and business card holder? The best of both worlds-combine all your associated cards to have one big pile of points!
  • First Bank also lets you invite others to join your pool. Invite family, friends, or organizations to contribute to your rewards account and get to your reward goals faster!
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Did you Know?

By gifting your points, you can easily
help out an organization or individual
with a simple points transfer.

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